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  • When the Queen is in residence there are four foot guards at  the front of the building,when she is away there are 2 foot guards and they never laugh
  • Londen Police wear high helmets with badges on it.
  • London occupies over 620 square miles!
  • London was the first city in the world to have an underground railway, known as the ‘Tube‘.
  • Twenty-four bridges span the Thames in London
  • the phone box’s 2 1/2 m tall and they are red with windows.


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today in maths we use 1m rulers to measure.

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What: Stephen read us a book about the Olympics and we watched a y,tube video about the Olympics.

so what: I learnt that  the Olympics was made 3,ooo years ago in greace

now what:I want to learn about the more about the history


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View olympic citys in a larger map

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We are learning to use speech marks and paragraphs.


To be successful we need to:


  • Use direct speech in our writing and say who was speaking. Use “speech marks”.
  • Use at least 5 paragraphs in your story.
  • Put who, what, where and when at the start of our story.
  • Read our work back to make sure it makes sense
  • Make sure we use capital letters and full stops.
  • Check our spelling
  • Use adjectives RED and verbs BLUE (At least 3 of each)
  • 200 words

marariki day

Today rss had marariki day. We budded  up with our year group and we grabbed a stick  to do the Mouri war dance for marariki day.


Marariki day is when 7 stars that are in the sky.its mouri new year.


It was as hard as standing on a speed boat at top speed. I did not get it right the first time but I got it the next time I was tried. my back really hurt allot ,”ekk”, I said.


We learnt moves where I had to hit some one with the stick on the hip but the guy that we to… hit was not there because we did not want to hit any one the sticks was strong so I’d not be surprised if it hurt.


1.30 was when we where I the middle of the  day James said “hiss”…

…and we waked our invisible target on the hip. Most people gave there best shot.

Some of the moves where holding the stick between our palms and leaned it to the side.I was as hot as a hotdog plus hungry too.



I had a fun day probably the best it was sad that the day was over. by jacobc




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  • Me and Emmett played Minecraft all day, well all most all day.
  • I spent time in the weekend with my family.
  • I spent $22 dollars on a nerf gun that shots Frisbees.
  • I  went to the mountain with the school holiday  program.   
  • My dad’s friend brought a pub and I get to go there and get coke.


  • Bad wether.
  • Did not do much.
  • I got sick.
  • House chores.  
  • My cat was still injured   


  • Spark came out of the fire and onto the carpet.
  • I  brought an awesome car on grand trismo 3.
  • my friend found a diamond on minecraft.
  • I found a Crystal.
  • My computer had a virus.

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We are learning to reflection on our maths learning and how to use puppet pals

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